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just a mere blog of a mere fangirl. random.

please take a look at my sticky post before sending random friend request!

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railgun95 [userpic]

welcome to my blog! for some reasons, i don't accept random friend request anymore. no worry, just follow these:

  • tell me about yourself
  • add me as your friend
But that doesn't mean i'm mean(?) yo! let's share a little about you like your fandom, oshimen, hobbies, and such ^^ just to make sure we made good (cyber) friends :)

  my real name is Desi. railgun is the name of a weapon as well as Misaka Mikoto's alias XD and 95 is my birth year.
  i love drawing and dancing. i also joined the art club in my school :D the sport i'm good at is swimming and volleyball. but i started liking softball after playing it several times with my classmates on P.E class
  100% female. just in case you don't know -_-
  i watch anime frequently..but recently, i spent my time for JE instead of anime -_-

  i speak in Bahasa Indonesia and English. due to my lack of grammars, i afraid you will find a lot of errors throughout this blog. Learning Japanese and French now
  credit me if you're taking something from my journal
 ♬ i love JE boys. Especially Arashi, Sexy Zone, and the juniors. But i do like the other groups though
 ♬ for idol groups, i love Fairies, JKT48 and of course AKB48
  never bash, be a good person and i'll be nice to you ^^

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railgun95 [userpic]

Hello, i was moving some of my files in minus into one folder and had changed the links in my entries into the new one :D so if you were once bookmarked the old link and want to open it (but it's not working anymore), please check again the entry where you get the link(s) from, i've renew them. And if you found any dead links (especially from MF) please tell me immediately!


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railgun95 [userpic]

please comment if taking~
do not reupload to any streaming site. if you want to share it somewhere, please redirect it to this post instead of taking the link.

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railgun95 [userpic]

Buat yang belum tau jalanan menuju tempat acara teater JKT48 buat juni ini, silahkan dilihat petanya!

Venue address: JKT48 Theater Studio 7 Pasaraya Grande, Gedung B Lt. 7 Jl. Iskandarsyah II No. 2 - Blok M Kebayoran Baru, 12160


kenapa saya pilih 70 sbg titik acuannya? soalnya mudah diingat, banyak yang kenal, dan ga terlalu jauh dengan venue! ^^ karena ga bisa nuntukin peta yang spesifik ke studio 7nya, saya pasang aja yang menuju pasaraya grandenya ya. dari situ silahkan dicari sendiri~ good luck

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railgun95 [userpic]

The guest star for this episode is Obayashi-san (or Kobayashi-san?) the tall woman from Koisuru Ganbarebu 1 :) nice one though not as funny as the previous episodes. The theme is about obake -_- not spoiling any further, go watch it yourself
link under the cutCollapse ) 

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railgun95 [userpic]

I'm in hurry right now. Tbh, I'm still at school -_- I'll edit this post soon when I'm home. Here's the link:

Download: .avi
No password required


do not reupload to any streaming site. if you want to share it somewhere, please link back to this post instead of taking the link.

Posted via m.livejournal.com.

railgun95 [userpic]

another hilarious episode from our boys *_* it's seems matsuu's voice has already changed. I feel a bit sad but well yeah, He has grown taller and older from that chichai kid we used to know. And for Marius -_- i cannot stop laughing because of his short police pants and it's suspender hahaha really describe an elementary school kid,ne.
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railgun95 [userpic]

Hello everyone,
I'm in hurry so i just have to make this quick. Recently, some of you had added me as your LJ friend and sadly it looks like you guys forgot to read my sticky post :( I'm really sorry i cannot add you back, it's not because i don't want to be friends with you but i'm just trying to keep my friends list as clean as possible. I don't mind if you don't have posts on your journal but please, don't be a leecher..it ain't right that you add some users so you can download stuffs from them. I know this is harsh to say but it's kind of rude if you do that to us. At least be active like comment when taking something, drop a hello or random things so i still know you guys are still alive..

I'm here to make friends, not to be a place where you can take things from me. And last thing, i see commenting on posts are not as difficult as trigonometry, so why not try to make that as a habit whenever you visit journals? :)

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railgun95 [userpic]

Sexy Zone Introduction Rap (not sure with the title) they performed this on their concert

What ' s up yokohama hakidase kotodama 
kenken totto de kentotto~
tokugi wa piano desu 
kirameku egao wa endoresu 
seiso desu konomi no josei zou 
kare nai bara yori asa banana 
asahaka na gyagu nara tsukkoma nē 
akarasama aidoru kento ! 
ken to ! ken to ! 
kenken totto ? kentotto ! 

itsumo rokku o dock 
tsuneni sing song ! jiyuu honpou 
BOU pout Fuma 
sono na wa kikuchi kaze migaku ! 
fu ? ma ! fu ? ma ! fu ? ma !

undoukai no marason de No . 1 
dokusou yeah 
mitsuke ta ze yasai dorobou 
sweet crazy love yeah 
kime zerifu wa Sexy Rose 
kakkoii sweet heart 
sono na mo satou shouri de ~ su ! 
shouri ! shouri ! shouri ! 

itsumo furesshu na sumairu 
kawaii dansu ga naisu 
tenshon agaru to 
itsumo de te kuru hougen baka ya be 
nan demo itsumo zenryoku desu 
so love soitsu no namae ha ~
mat tsu ? de ? su ! 
mat tsu ? ! mat tsu ? ! mat tsu ? ! 

hāfu de sekushīikemen wa ( Yo ) 
egao ga batsugun yeah 
eigo chainīzu doitsu go perapera 
kokoro kirakira tennen bōi 
ijira re kyara no fushigi chan 
atama no naka wa fantajī 
minna sono ko ni ~
hamariusū ! 
māri ! māri ! māri ! 

trans.note: please tell me if you found any error! and...should i change the 'ha' to 'wa'?  (._.) done
tell me your favorite part of this rap!

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railgun95 [userpic]

Introduction rap they did at their concert~

What's up 横浜 吐き出せ 言霊
けんけんとっとで けんとっと~
清楚です 好みの女性像
枯れないバラより 朝バナナ
あからさまアイドル けんと!
けんと! けんと!
けんけんとっと? けんとっと!

いつもロックを dock
つねに sing song! 自由奔放
BOU pout Fuma
その名は 菊池風磨!
ふーま! ふーま! ふーま!

運動会のマラソンで No.1
独走 yeah
見つけたぜ 野菜泥棒
sweet crazy love yeah
決めゼリフは Sexy Rose
かっこいい sweet heart
その名も~? 佐藤勝利で~す!
勝利! 勝利! 勝利!

いつもでてくる方言 バカやべー
so love そいつの名前は~?
まっつー! まっつー! まっつー!

ハーフでセクシーイケメン 葉(Yo)
笑顔が抜群 yeah
英語 チャイニーズ ドイツ語 ペラペラ
心きらきら 天然ボーイ
いじられキャラの 不思議ちゃん
頭の中は ファンタジー
マーリ! マーリ!マーリ!

source: ameblo

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